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tv   Channel 3 News at 6  NBC  September 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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for the final farewell to trooper velez. it impacts the entire community especially law enforcement. when they go on the streets and do their jobs every day. it is possible they won't come home. >> even knowing that. how much you prepare, you can never prepare for something like this. >> the casket of a fallen state trooper in the hands of his breath ren. safekeeping on the final journey. >> part of kenneth velez. >> he was always a good kid. all around good guy. always friendly. sad. peep who knew him well and others who wanted to pay respects came in droves. this loved one was gone too soon. >> good hearted people. i feel like i am family to them. even though i am not.
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it is a sad day. it is a sad thing to see that happen and exactly the way it happened. it is pretty sad. >> the way it happened. tragic. >> hit by a man police say was high on drugs last week. in an instant. snatching a public servant. >> a friend. a father. >> i can't imagine my dad and we are here as a baseball team and let him know we are here for him. >> they played with his son and the straight trooper completes his final patrol. >> now, we want to let you know why we are standing outside and give respect to the family and friends as they go in. and pay their final respects to trooper velez. >> tomorrow, funeral services begin at 10 in the morning. funeral services are open to the public. >> after that, there is a pro sessional to the site where he will eventually be buried.
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friends. >> if you want to pay your last respects, line the route and just do it safely. >> we are live here in la rain county. i am hilary golston. joshua gasper who hit and killed velez, is accused of being on drugs. >> monica robbins is looking to a study that people were on drugs behind the for drugs. if alcohol is a bigger contributing factor. >> drivers have both or more than one drug in their system making it difficult to determine which substance had the greater affect. here is what we could do know. men are more likely than women to drive under the influence of drugs than alcohol and it is common in those 18 to 25. after alcohol, marijuana is the most common drug found in the
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crashes. >> the role it plays is unclear. it has shown marijuana has an increased in lane waving. poor reaction time and attention to the road. next is prescription medications. a 2010 study found 47% of drivers who tested positive for drugs had a prescription drug in their system compared to 37% for marijuana. and 10% for cocaine. >> many prescription drugs can lead to dizziness and drowsy driving. this. by taking ampien and within seconds i crashed into a median and most likely caused a deadly accident. >> drivers on cocaine or methamphetamine were going to drive aggressively and recklessly. >> on drug abuse where the statistics came from, it is i am upon to -- impossible to measure how many accidents are
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approved a one year pilot program to allow state police to administer a saliva test to drivers suspected of being on heroin, marijuana, cocaine. it will determine whether the test is accurate or reliable. sarah. >> okay. >> thanks, monica. next at six, ashtabula sergeant is accused of assaulting two people in custody. body camerot james truck key assaulting the pair after they led them on an atv chase. >> they falsified his report of the incident. the driver of the atv is also facing charges. tragedy in willoughby hills. a toddler falls to his death from the 11th floor of a high rise apartment building. how this happened and what can be done to keep it from happening again. andrew. >> he was just 2 years-old and today police told us that his
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there last night when something went terribly wrong. >> i have a little boy. i guess fell off the top of this apartment billing. he is laying in the back. >> it was a security guard at willoughby towers on the road that realized what was wrong. >> it is a hard thing. >> oh, my god. >> just after midnight. vergts say 2-year-old anthony settle's junior's parents were in the living room the 3-year-old brother were in the bedroom. they climbed near the open window. leaned his head against the screen and fell when it gave. >> trying to look down there and the screen broke away. >> sadly. falls such as his are nothing new. >> last year an 1-year-old fell from the ninth floor of the caseslewood apartments in lakewood. the year before, a 2-year-old died after falling out the window of a building on
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hietsd. >> 2013, another 2-year-old died. a boy. after falling out of the 17th floor of the crystal apartments in east cleveland. it is a reminder that window locks could save kids lives in an effort to prevent future accidents. >> police confirm that the boy's father did have a child encontaining engineerment charge on his record. that was for leaving his daughter in a car while he went shopping. they are not saying it is child endanger meant. they are simply calling it a terrible accident. >> thank you. a lot of worries after dangerous levels of a cancer-causing toxin was found in the tap water of more than 200 million americans drink. closer to home. >> chromium 6 was found in all but one of the northeastern's water system. it had the 15th concentration of the toks issue with other
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country. >> they posted on line saying they meet and exceed all water standards. chromium 6 is the same toxin made famous by erin brockovich, the julia roberts movie. the epa does not have a limit to how much chromium 6 is allowed in the drinking water. and all the water. only streetsboro's tested negative for chromium 6. >> you can see the result for your i am running to be president for all americans. every single one. >> donald trump taking his case to a church in cleveland heights today. trying to connect with african-american voters. faith leaders calling him an union fire not a divider but outside, hillary clinton supporters said don't be
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brought more controversy in the race for the white house. >> religious leaders who are believers in donald trump. >> god went out of the established order in choosing leaders in crucial times. >> he knocked this this black audience that claims he is bigoted and prejudice with mexicans around. >> not only is he not a racist, he believes that all people are part of race. >> outside, a big crowd of clinton backers, called him a hate monger, some likening them to skittles. >> they want a an apology when he said president obama was not born in this country. >> if you are dancing and sliding. and gliding,. >> he is the leader.
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promised land. let's get rid of this system. >> trump reasked this question to the african-american voters. >> i mean, what do you have to lose? >> but gave a few specifics. >> this is his take on it. >> to me, he looked like someone was doing what he was asking them to do. this young officer, i don't know what she was thinking. >> finally a prayerful appeal. >> touch th donald j trump. >> the question. >> how many hearts, minds and votes outside the church will change. >> he taped a closed town hall meeting with sean hannity. that was closed to the media. he later appeared in toledo. he is spending lots of time in ohio. as of late, more than hillary clinton. >> he vowed to take on the johnson amendments and allowed church toses participate in political races.
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african-american churches where the pastors are very active in walking that line between supporting without endorsing candidates. and that would renew the old church and state argument. >> we will go back to what don king said. he dropped the n word. it is very offensive. what was the reaction in the room when he said that. he did not apologize. he continued with his remarks. >> there was skit tich laughter and the event for the national media. >> tom beres, thank you. don king spoke about the controversial city council proposal to name cedar avenue for him. the stretch of road includes the spot where he thumped a man to death. >> two councilwoman are sponsoring the request which is getting lots of criticism. >> king said it is not his idea. >> i don't care whether they
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i appreciate the gesture. but if it is not from the hard, keep your street. >> i didn't ask for it. >> but if you are going to do it, my corner tavern is down the street. they made a plaque there for the landmark. >> that's right. >> stretch of shaker boulevard outside of the newspaper which king owns is already named for him. >> they are sponsoring this. and mitchell is ill and not commented on why sh well, next at six. hold the delivery fee. how you can get cleveland's iconic food delivered to the front door without anything extra. >> it might be a noise night to take it out to the back porch. >> it is a beautiful reasoning. >> and great stretch of weather to come. >> we make the weekend plans
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. plus the company that makes epi pen is grilled on capitol hill. we have more after the break.
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. next at seven, showcasing tall lebts. how a local singing talent is giving northeast ohioans the opportunity of a lifetime. still time to get involved.
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. . this is the company that sells epi peps. and heather brash answered tough questions from the lawmakers about the soaring prices and now more than $600 while her salary rose dramatically.
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federal investigation into how they handle medicaid rebates. >> the met toll tan school district is speaking out again on the dismal performance on ohio state education report card. for the seven minute segment. gordon discussed the report which gave cleveland schools fs in every category. 16 in all. >> when people see that, they are saying to themselves. are things that bad over there. >> what is the answer to that. >> no, that's why we have to look at the whole report card. >> we have fs on the report card and so does every urban district and they say significant decreases. >> it is bus we are raising standards and expectations for kid. >> we have a longer way to go. >> the third grade reading scores. >> we have never been ahead. >> 1% gain on the graduation rate in five years.
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year and our truancy rate dropped six and a half percent in a year. enrollment is up. more kids are coming to the district. those are all positive signs on the same document. san we haven't met the standards, it doesn't mean we are not making progress. good. >> he responded to voters that may be skeptical why she thud renew a tax levy in november. you can see the interview well, for a delivery, it is nothing new to the foodie town. >> but a popular ride share company is getting in on the business. >> they launched in the area today. >> you can have it delivered to your doorstep. seven days a week. >> download the uber eats app to your phone and go to the website. >> for a limited time the company is offering free
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food and on the back morning. >> beautiful evening setting up. lots of sunshine. sun is setting a little bit earlier and sun will set due west. equinox is tomorrow. we have a beautiful evening setting up. if you look west, look towards the sunset. this is how the temperatures will go into the latter part of the evening. midnight hour, they will taid back in the upper 60s. >> winds are light. not much to report in that category. >> 83 is the high. cloud ca temperatures back a little bit and after canton and mansfield and high temperature to 72. and you can see, we surpassed that beautifully and downtown cleveland with a breeze off the lake. 84 and 88 degrees in the dove area earlier in the afternoon. we are still sitting in the mid-80s and 70s along the lake shore. nice warm night on the tap.
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skies. well off to the north of us. you can see the huge temperature gradient. >> there are thunderstorms in the northwest portion of minnesota. it is right along i-90. they have temperatures that are 90 degrees and just north of there, they are upper 60s understand the rain showers and thunderstorms that you can see here. thundering weather breaking out and all of this is staying north for the next several days. and we will finally start to see a shift coming in and then it is a shift >> this is near the water tomorrow. >> three to eight knots and not great sailing and certainly great boating. if you have a chance to get a jet ski. it is primeau conditions for that. >> once again, with lots of sunshine and few clouds. we will be right back in the low and mid-80s tomorrow. >> 10:21 a.m. it will be low 80s for friday and the shift i was telling you about. >> partly sunny skies. and low 70s.
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the tribe playing through. >> this is the last home stand. >> great weather to take in the games and into next week. we will bring back the shower chances tuesday into wednesday. >> al fresco and al department day. >> two great -- al dente. >> after the big win. the indians look to keep the magic alive against the royals. >> jimmy is talking magic
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. they do it again tonight after a thriller last night. they have five games left to go on the home side of the schedule in the regular season and they continue tonight. it is game two against kansas city. they win again in walk off fashion. >> a pinch hitter hits a off single into the corner. the indians win. they lady the majors with 11 walkoff wins. and they lead the tigers by seven games and they do peek at the scoreboard to see how detroit is doing outs of town. >> we have been watching it since day one. >> once you get towards the end. you have to figure out and most poshly is winning the game. >> it is a handful of places he could go and could come here.
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ballgames. >> great chance to win tonight. >> any time you hand it to corey. you have a great chance to win for the 18th time of the year. still in competition for the sigh young awards. >> this is the last 13 starts. he is 9-1. with the 101 strikeouts and he is focused just on tonight's game. just the playoffs. >> did not get ahead of ourselves. and that is maybe dangerous mind set to have. and start to worry. far and try to continue that. >> all right. so, betsy has tab lated the number. >> amazing after she got the flu shot. she was able to do this. it is at six. and it is indeed with a little bit of fever. >> this is the earliest they can clinch and they play the twins tonight. browns take on the dolphins. they come in sunday at 0-2. they are nine and a half point
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rookie quarterback. true rookie quarterback. >> he will get the start for the browns. he is getting more practice time this week than he did at all during the summer or during the preseason. they were getting rg three ready to go. and he is getting personal attention from hue jackson as he gets his first start. >> i haven't looked at it is a a dream come true. >> i look at it with positive. >> want to play my be everything possible to get a win. >> josh gordon. >> somewhere off the field problems. >> follow along. we tell you this story. >> there is an arrest warrant that is issued against him with a paternity case back on august 31st and this is when the warrant is issued. >> it is withdrawn as of this afternoon and gordon did make an appearance in juvenile court. arntle woman is alleging that gordon is the father after
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>> he did submit a dna test and next hearing. coming up on november 8th. nfl on this weighed in and said the situation will not have any current bearing on the suspension. he will be back on the field with the browns coming up after the next two games. >> they issued a statement. we are aware of the situation. >> josh and his attorney are working with the cuyahoga courts to resolve the matter. we have no further comment this time. >> hue jackson said. as far as he is concerned in the football aspect of things, gordon is 1,000% committed and doing things in the building. >> this week and the week after and here against new england when tom brady comes back. that is his first game back. >> thank you, jimmy. >> you got a flu shot. >> i did. of the did you guys get yours. >> we were late.
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>> we will be getting it. >> made you deleerous. >> -- made you deleerous. >> and the nbc nightly news minutes away.
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tonight violent protests, charlotte police plea for calm after demonstrations erupt over another deadly police shooting. tonight the conflicting accounts of that fate allen counter. terror trail -- chilling new surveillance of the suspect handling a suitcase before allegedly placing a bomb. of two men it's seeking tonight. plus the first look inside the suspect's bloody notebook. trump and race, the candidate drops a racial epithet. epipen outrage, an embattled ceo defending a 400% price hike on a life-saving device to members of congress.


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